Russ August & Kabat - LinkedIn Class Action

Perkins et al. v. LinkedIn Corporation, Case No. 13-cv-04303-HRL 

A nationwide class action lawsuit filed by Russ August & Kabat challenges LinkedIn’s disturbing practice of accessing users’ third-party email accounts (e.g., Google's Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) without users’ consent, harvesting email addresses that appear in the account, and sending multiple reminder emails ostensibly on behalf of the user advertising LinkedIn to non-members.  The class action lawsuit charges LinkedIn with violations of federal and state law.   

Russ August & Kabat Has Filed A Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Claiming LinkedIn's Email Practices Violate State And Federal Laws

If you believe that LinkedIn accessed your external email account and sent messages to addresses stored in that account, without your consent, please contact us.  Tell Us Your Story

To view the complaint filed by Russ August & Kabat to protect LinkedIn users.  Complaint 


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